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Log in and collaborate with our live studio recording artists and musicians. No need to book them, just log in and choose one of the available musicians to work with you right now and start a live session over videoconference. 

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Our team of studio artists are available for Creator's Studio's members on demand. Our mission at the Creator's Studio is to be an extension of your home studio by enabling access to amazing studio musicians anytime you need them. In an age where samples are commonly used for musical creation, the Creator's Studio is the alternative to composers and producers who believe that collaborating and working with talented musicians is the best way to make great music.

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Share your ideas with us either by sending a mockup of your work, a reference of just a chord chart and let's start recording.


We pay fair, Union (or above) wages to all the musicians. This ensures we have the best professionals available.


Get direct access to carefully selected musicians ready to help take your project to the next level.


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